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How Biaggi Increased Conversion Rates by 29% with Cohley’s Klaviyo Integration

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How Biaggi Increased Conversion Rates by 29% with Cohley’s Klaviyo Integration

Abandoned Carts Can Be Solved With The Right Images

Luggage brand Biaggi, known for their collapsible luggage that’s easy to store, drives more than 70% of their email revenue via Cart and Browse Abandonment emails. Unsurprisingly, the Biaggi team is hyper-focused on doing everything in their power to increase conversion rates and revenue from shoppers who add items to their carts but leave the site without checking out.

Until now, image testing within automated emails hasn’t been possible. This is because email automation relies on triggers in response to a shopper’s behavior and is limited to a single product image from a brand’s catalog.

Biaggi Ran Email Image Tests to Increase Conversion Rates

To extract more value from their high-performing automated emails, Biaggi tapped into Cohley's integration with Klaviyo to unlock the ability to automatically test and identify high converting images.

Leveraging Cohley’s integration with Klaviyo allows Biaggi to test any product image and surface in-depth data that includes sends, clicks, opens, click-to-open rate, conversion rate, and total revenue driven.

Using this data, Biaggi is able to identify “winning” images that convert at a higher rate and drive more revenue. Biaggi can then set those “winning” images as the new default image sent to prospective shoppers. After uncovering an initial “winning image,'' Biaggi can now run micro-tests against the current winner to find a new winner.

Biaggi Drove An Increase in Conversions By 8-25%

After activating the integration, Biaggi quickly uncovered new winning assets across their catalog, driving an increase in conversions by 8 - 29% depending on the SKU.

"Cohley’s Klaviyo integration is an absolute game-changer. Previously, we had no way of testing different images in our automated emails and, as a result, no insight into how our creative was impacting sales. Since we launched the integration, the performance of our abandonment emails has improved significantly and we have a much better grasp on the content that’s most likely to lead our customers to take action. Email marketing is one of the core pillars of our business, and this integration has driven a direct lift in conversions for us. Obviously, I’m a big fan."

Stephen Hersh
CEO, Biaggi