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The Challenge

Brands everywhere are losing revenue because of cart abandonment, but don’t be alarmed. Cart abandonment is a problem across all brands and verticals. According to our partner, Flowium, most verticals will average over 65% cart abandonment rates.

By using email automation softwares like Klaviyo, brands are making an effort to regain a share of this lost revenue.  By sending Cart Abandonment emails, brands are encouraging shoppers to return to checkout and complete the process. Still, the average conversion rate for Fashion Brands, the highest converting vertical, is still only 3.3%!

Until now, brands have been locked in to using their default Shopify images within their Cart Abandonment emails, but what could the potential be if we could open up testing within this channel?

The Solution

To recover more lost revenue for their brands, Cohley launched an integration with Klaviyo to unlock the ability to automatically test and identify higher converting images in Cart Abandonment emails.

Cohley’s integration with Klaviyo allows brands to test any product image and surface in-depth data that includes sends, clicks, opens, click-to-open rate, conversion rate, and total revenue driven.

Using this data, brands are now able to identify “winning” assets that convert at a higher rate and drive more revenue. Cohley will then automatically set those “winning” assets as the prioritized asset sent to shoppers at a higher rate while continuing to test for more high performers. 

The Results

After activating the integration, many brands using it quickly uncovered new winning assets across their catalog, driving an average increase in conversions of 52%.

Luggage Brand:

Lift in Conversion Rate: 79.57%

Lift in CTR: 20.98%

Top Product Conversion Lift: 11.15%

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 3.14.58 PM


Fashion Brand: 

Lift in Conversion Rate: 7.23%

Lift in CTR: 12.84%

Top Product Conversion Lift: 177.5%

Beauty Brand: 

Lift in Conversion Rate: 18.65%

Lift in CTR: 24.28%

Top Product Conversion Lift: 52.3%

Homegoods Brand:

Lift in Conversion Rate: 14.65%

Lift in CTR: 1.37%

Top Product Conversion Lift: 47.9%

Supplement Brand:

Lift in Conversion Rate: 39.58%

Lift in CTR:  26.18%

Top Product Conversion Lift: 4.38%

User Testimonials:


After using Cohley for UCG, our team was so excited to integrate our content into Cohley Activate to test and optimize our content. The process has been seamless, and we've seen a great lift in both clicks and conversions. Definitely recommend!

Every Man Jack

It's still early days, but I love how this app is helping us efficiently test different image types in our abandon cart flow. Very easy to upload images and get impactful insights.


Love that I'm able to do everything I need within the Cohley platform directly through Shopify now! Makes the process much easier. Also, the Colhey Activate platform is extremely well laid out and intuitive for navigation. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into development!

Topix Pharmaceuticals

Cohley has become an indispensable partner for us over the past year; first to help us capture UGC content, second for review generation, and most recently through Cohley Activate, which enables us to optimize our Klaviyo flows. We've seen great success in a relatively short time with little to no effort on our part with this integration. Our abandoned browse has seen a 7% higher CTR and our abandoned cart has seen a 9% higher CTR in the last 30 days alone leading to thousands of dollars of incremental revenue earned in just 1 month. We're looking forwards to seeing what gains we'll see as we populate alternate images for our full catalog and the algorithm continues to optimize!

Want to try the Klaviyo Integration for yourself? Add it via the Shopify App Store.

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