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Rack Room Shoes
Rack Room Shoes

How Rack Room Shoes generated content at scale with Cohley

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On-brand UGC photos and videos
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How Rack Room Shoes generated content at scale with Cohley


Rack Room Shoes, a retailer with more than 500 stores in 37 states, was searching for more efficient ways to keep up with their growing visual content demands. They wanted to incorporate more UGC into their content strategy but needed to secure usage rights so they could use the content in paid.

In order to continue to support key marketing campaigns (e.g. Back to School), a growing paid strategy, and multiple organic social channels, Rack Room Shoes knew they needed a more efficient solution to generate diverse, authentic, lifestyle visual assets.

mom and son wearing sneakers from rack room shoes and woman posing with sneakers
Mom and son wearing sneakers from Rack Room Shoes and a woman posing with sneakers.


Rack Room’s marketing team entrusted Cohley to access thousands of creators to generate the diverse lifestyle content they needed to fill their digital channels.

To maximize revenue, content generated was repurposed to support initiatives across the marketing organization:

  1. Repurposed creator’s UGC in paid social ads to support keys sales moments (Back to School, Holidays, Nike Air Max Day, etc.) to drive sales to their ecommerce site and brick & mortar stores
  2. Activating content on creator’s social channels to boost brand awareness
  3. Repurposed creator’s UGC on the brand’s Instagram


Rack Room Shoes has received over 1,000 on-brand UGC photos and videos from Cohley creators along with 130+ Creator posts.

Because Cohley negotiates all rights to content, Rack Room was able to maximize their investment by activating content not only on their own social channels, but also in paid ads, emails, even in-store signage and digital displays.

"Cohley has proven to be an invaluable and cost-effective tool for our marketing strategy at Rack Room Shoes. By leveraging creator assets, we have achieved an average of a 59% increase in reach and a 110% increase in engagement on Instagram posts when compared to studio assets. Cohley also enables us to collaborate with a diverse group of creators on organic social media while retaining usage rights to test their content across multiple channels, including our physical stores."

Rosaland Jones
Digital Marketing Director