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Soylent switches up their content strategy to improve ROAS and deepen audience connections

UGC assets from Cohley Creators
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Soylent switches up their content strategy to improve ROAS and deepen audience connections


Before partnering with Cohley, Soylent, a venture backed nutrition company that offers plant-based meal replacement shakes, powders, and bars, primarily relied on professional product shots from contracted photographers for their social ads. Recognizing the potential to improve performance as they struggled with ad fatigue, Soylent sought to incorporate user-generated video content into their paid social strategy. The challenge was to generate a sufficient volume of diverse assets that would allow them to rigorously test various ad sets, find winning creative, and optimize their spend for maximum impact. Soylent also wanted to put the voice of the consumer, rather than the brand, front-and-center as they sought to reach new to brand audiences.


Soylent initially approached Cohley with the aim of expanding their micro-influencer program. However, they quickly realized the platform offered A LOT more. With access to thousands of Creators, Soylent was able to generate the diverse content they needed to power their ad testing. Cohley's customer success team, experts in content strategy, provided guidance along the way. Cohley's pre-negotiated rights to all content generated on the platform enabled Soylent to strategically repurpose the assets in their paid social efforts. 

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Within the first six months of working with Cohley, Soylent generated 200+ UGC assets from Cohley Creators. As they suspected, the content outperformed their stagnant product shots, improved ROAS, and deepened connections with their audience.

“Adding UGC video content to our ad strategy has allowed us to test out different content and determine what works best for our audience. We’ve been able to feature content from creators that are outside of our typical audience to highlight that Soylent is for everyone. Working with Cohley has given us a large bank of content to continually test from and determine what ads are performing best."

Cameron O’Reilly
Associate Brand Manager