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Add Cohley to Your Agency's Arsenal

Here's the thing: We have brands that need your services, and you likely have clients that need ours. Win-win.

Think of Cohley as your agency's agency.

We'll be an extension of your team and partner with you to help with:

  • Creative Thought & Execution
  • Expanding Content Volume & Diversity
  • Expediting Asset Generation
  • White Labeled Solutions

User Generated Content (UGC), delivered

The Cohley Agency Partner Program (CAPP) is a cost-effective program created to enable ad-hoc campaigns and brand management, and also to help you scale your agency and brand success. How?

As a Cohley partner, you'll have full access to Cohley's creative brief scope, campaign budgeting, Creator recruiting, communication, and compensation & campaign content distribution plus a dedicated team of Cohley content experts who will help manage your client campaigns from start to finish.  

TL;DR: You get full access and full credit.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the Cohley Creative Solutions:  

Visual Assets

  • Elevate your content through a highly curated, editorial lens. Cohley's Creator Community includes talented photographers & videographers who can take your tailored brief and turn it into beautiful, hi-res images.
  • If it’s professional videos you’re after, our vetted network of videographers are ready to help bring your brand story to life at a fraction of the cost of traditional video shoots.

Influencer Partnerships

  • Influencer marketing yields 5X ROI on average.
  • Above that, the industry is expected to continue to grow and expected to triple by 2025.
  • Cohley gives Agencies and Brands access to the best influencers for the campaign, on your terms.
  • Scale your influencer marketing efforts and reach the right audiences, all with pre-set rates and complete content rights.

Product Reviews

  • Customers are 270% more likely to buy a product with 5 reviews than a product with 0 reviews.
  • Data from our partners at Yotpo & PowerReviews tells us that more reviews yield more conversion.
  • Cohley's 110K+ Content Creators are readily available to receive product samples in exchange for a rating & review. Whether a Brand is launching a new product or looking to increase review coverage, the Cohley Team is here to help.

Not sure if CAPP is the right fit for you?
Here are our other partner options:

Agency Client Referral Program

  • For clients interested in Cohley's solution that prefer to be involved in Campaign management, Creator selection & require integrations
  • Agency will receive 10% of the annual agreement

Cohley Managed Campaigns

  • Full-service campaign management: Cohley run campaigns in entirety on behalf of the Agency & Client
  • All in - pricing scoped on a project basis
    • Inclusive of creator compensation and Cohley fees
    • Dependent on anticipated hours & desired deliverables
    • No annual commitment required