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 Thanks for your interest in applying to be a Cohley Creator!

Please be sure to read all creator requirements below before submitting your application.

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Baseline Requirements:

(Your application will be auto-rejected if you do not meet ALL the baseline requirements)

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Must have a public Instagram business OR TikTok account

  • Must have 50+ posts on your Instagram or TikTok profile

Your application is more likely to be accepted if your profile meets the below criteria:

  • Genuine, authentic and creative content

  • Professionalism in content, captions and comments

  • High content quality - creative and imaginative shots with attention to detail on lighting and composition (particularly if applying as a professional photographer or videographer)

  • For influencer applicants only: priority is given to creators with 2% engagement rate or higher

Your application may be rejected if:

  • Over 50% of posts are sponsored

  • Low content quality: blurry, dimly lit content

  • Overly-filtered and photoshopped imagery that distorts your face or body

  • You have purchased fake followers or have bot followers on your account

  • Your engagement rate is below 1% (influencers only)

  • Your content includes xenophobic, racist, or discriminatory content

  • Your content includes nudity or profanity

  • You applied as a professional photographer or videographer without providing a link to a professional portfolio

Confident you meet the requirements?

Each Cohley Creator is hand selected by a real human who is viewing your application, social feeds, and content portfolios to make the decision on whether you are a good fit for Cohley. While there is no minimum follower count or social following required to become a Cohley Creator, we do accept or reject applications based on key criteria outlined above.

*Please Note: There is a non refundable application processing fee in order to ensure that we are adding the best and most capable creators to our platform. Cohley reserves the right to take a creator off of our platform at our discretion if exhibiting inappropriate conduct or violates any terms and conditions. Getting accepted as a Cohley Creator grants you access to the Cohley platform to apply to work with brands, but it does not guarantee that brands will accept you to campaigns, as that is up to the sole discretion of the brands on the platform.

Apply now to become part of our Cohley Creator community!