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Klaviyo Integration Email Performance Tool

Reclaim revenue before it’s lost

Convincing shoppers to add items to their carts is hard, and it’s even harder to convince them to return to checkout after they’ve abandoned them. Cohley will tell you which images drive the highest CTR and purchases - down to the SKU - from your cart and browse abandonment emails, a capability unavailable anywhere else.

Klaviyo Integration Product Catalog

Image swapping and testing – automated

Cohley automates testing of cart and browse abandonment emails by identifying the winning assets with the highest click-to-open rates and orders down to the product level.

Our happy customers love Cohley's Klaviyo integration. Here's why: 

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Related Case Study

Lifting Conversion Rates 29% with Cohley’s Klaviyo Integration

Biaggi tapped into Cohley's integration with Klaviyo to test and identify high converting images. The in-depth data this generated has allowed Biaggi to see everything from clickthrough rates to conversion rates for each product image tested. Using this data, Biaggi has been able to: 

  • Uncover winning assets across their catalog
  • Drive an increase in conversions by 8 - 29% depending on the SKU
  • Improve the performance of abandonment emails 
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