Novel x Cohley

Cohley is partnered with Novel to give you the tools to quickly add shoppable video to your site, improving conversion up to 63%! Keep scrolling to learn about the exclusive offers available for mutual customers.

First, generate videos with Cohley

Jump off the screen with scroll stopping video. Entertain, educate, and engage your audience with creator-generated videos that are built for the modern-day scroller. Cohley makes it simple to get videos that are on-brand, on-budget, and on time.

Second, create a shoppable video carousel with Novel

Transform your commerce experience with short-form video via Novel. Capture the trend of consumers who are influenced by video, prefer video, and want more video! Novel enhances site-wide performance with shoppable video feeds that improve page conversion by up to 63% and increase session times by up to 213% - all with ZERO impact on site load-speed.

Third, redeem your exclusive offer

Cohley customers get 2 months free with Novel before usage based pricing kicks in. Use this time to create a homepage spotlight or PDP carousel or journey. Optimize placement, order of scenes, videos used, and checkout experience to drive your influenced revenue. 

Novel customers get $3,000 in creator compensation to use in their first brief. Work with top creators that can speak to your audience as to why they need your product, how to use it, or highlight key features in a testimonial video.