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With our huge pool of diverse creators that can provide both text and photo testimonials, Cohley enables brands of all sizes to mitigate the risk of losing would-be customers right at the point of purchase.

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High-quality Reviews at Any Scale

Whether you need 5 reviews to boost review recency or 50 reviews for a product launch, Cohley is the only reviews generation partner that can address any reviews need, big or small. Brands can choose from our marketplace of creators to write an authentic product review alongside a photo showcasing the product in use.

Let the creators come to you, or handpick them based on the ideal creator type. Get hundreds of ratings and reviews for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, ready in as little as 4 weeks.

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100% Fulfillment - Guaranteed

Unlike most review platforms, we offer a 100% fulfillment rate. That means when you partner with Cohley to generate a certain number of reviews, you're guaranteed that number of reviews.

Say goodbye to the hassle of shipping and tracking with Cohley’s automatic product shipping to creators. We’ll handle the logistics and ship the product from the Shopify or BigCommerce catalog straight to the creator. Not on Shopify or BigCommerce? Neither are many of the brands we work with. We'll work with you on how best to fulfill your review needs.

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Use Reviews Where They Matter Most

Cohley integrates with top product rating and review platforms - Bazaarvoice, Yotpo, and Power Reviews - to make syndicating your reviews to your most important retailers a breeze. Once the reviews are ready, they can be automatically passed into a review platform, or downloaded and used across various channels. The best part?

All ratings and reviews are 100% yours to use wherever, forever, even if you switch review providers.


Use the tools you love

Cohley integrates with your favorite review tools to keep the tools you love. Cohley works with your existing systems or provides recommendations on how best to integrate reviews into your new product or site.

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WhileCodex Beauty may have cracked the code on high-performing and sustainable skincare, Codex was scratching their heads when it came to finding a solution that would scale product reviews quickly.

In a matter of weeks after working with Cohley, Codex had over 80 new product reviews.

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FAQs about Cohley's Review Offering

Get great reviews for any product

Why invest in reviews?

Today’s consumers are more savvy than ever, and ratings & reviews are proving an essential tool for marketers and E-Commerce teams to increase conversion.

Can reviews be ordered before products are available for purchase?

Yes! Many brands use this approach for product launches, this is a great strategy to ensure you have reviews to display when a product is released vs waiting for them to roll in with purchases.

What is the minimum number of reviews that can be ordered?

Our reviews agreements range from 100 - 1,000+

Who writes these reviews?

We tap into our same Creator Network that produces for brands. These individuals are experienced in speaking on behalf of a brand which allows them to produce high-quality written reviews

Can Cohley take care of fulfillment?

Most of our clients will lean on our Shopify and BigCommerce integrations to streamline the shipping process to creators. That said, if you need Cohley to take care of fulfillment we can address that, as well -- pricing would be slightly different since we'll have to factor in shipping costs.