Cohley Product Update: December 2023

Check out what's new in the Cohley platform for the month of December.
Michelle Green
December 19, 2023
April 16, 2024

View your favorite Creators in one place

Creator Hub gives you quick access to view all of your hearted Creators and invite one or more to a brief. Creators will get a customized email with the invitation from the brand to apply. Just imagine that happy dance! While Cohley is still a generation platform where Creators come to you - we know there are times where you want to ensure certain Creators saw you launched a brief. 

To access, see ‘Creator Hub’ at the top of your Cohley navigation.

You’ll be prompted to Heart Creators if you haven’t already! Go to the Performance tab to find Creators that have captured a high engagement or to a Past brief and go through the completed stage to start hearting. 

Example: Heart will turn from white to blue when clicked


Once you see all of your favorite Creators in on​​e place, you can filter for your current needs or select all - or just a few- and invite them to a brief that is currently accepting applicants.

This is an example of the email the Creator will receive. Imagine your name and logo here!


Watch a quick overview here.

Creator compensation flexibility

Cohley is making changes to allow you to pay Creators from your own Cohley bank. The goal is to provide you with more flexibility to add Creator funds via invoice, credit card, or Shopify. Once funds are added to your Cohley bank, you’ll be able to pay Creators without needing anything from your CSM. In our first release, you’ll be able to see the budgeted amount for each Creator. This is especially important in a negotiated or tiered payment brief so you can understand the expected budget before accepting the Creator. Upon negotiating with a Creator, simply click the pencil edit icon next to the Creator’s budget, enter a new amount, and the brief’s expected budget will be updated to reflect the new amount for an accepted Creator. 

Here’s a quick video overview.

The next best action in Cohley

For Brands: updates have been made to ensure Cohley is a bit more intuitive. Upon logging in, all brands will be directed to the homepage to see up to three most actionable briefs, license brief or reviews used, count of content generated, products needing attention from Bazaarvoice, and a quick link to book time with their CSM. 

Read up on the 5 KPIs of product reviews to ensure your PDPs are ready for action!

For Creators: New badges are displayed in Active briefs to help identify next steps. Badges now include:

  • Rejected (stage = Applicant)
  • Applied  (stage = Applicant)
  • Accepted  (stage = Accepted)
  • Reviewing content  (stage = Content to Review) NEW
  • Ready to post (stage = Pending Post) NEW
  • Awaiting payment  (stage = Completed) NEW
  • Completed (stage = Completed)

Additional improvements

Many brands were writing brief deliverables for video and writing a range for minutes and seconds. Thus, we have converted this field to actually be a minimum and maximum to be aligned with how most users interpreted it. You will see this clearly called out in the brief deliverables:


Creator Export now includes TikTok metrics of followers, views, and engagement rate and improved column labels for Instagram followers and engagement rate per Creator. Export use is suggested when sending product outside of Shopify or vetting Creators across team members. 

The chat experience has also been improved to make it easy to digest the information and help Cohley’s automated messages stand out from a chat sent from the brand or Creator. Cohley will be adding additional automated messages in the future - including a message when compensation has been updated.

Back-end improvements for how we store brand verticals have been made. This will allow Cohley to be smarter when it comes to recommending Creators based on which verticals they have worked and future insights for brief suggestions. 

Additionally, issues around adding a URL in a brief, updating ‘Why you want this content’, and upload timeouts have been addressed. Many Creators reached out saying they were not able to apply to a brief because fields were incomplete. We have improved the error handling to clearly articulate the necessary information for applying.

Michelle Green
Director of Product
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