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Cohley Product Update: November 2022

New-and-improved Brief Template

Cohley is excited to announce a new and improved template for briefs. Now, when you create a new Visual Asset UGC brief, you will have three pages of prompts to guide you through brief creation that’s redesigned to optimize how you ask for content:  

  1. Select assets - You’ll now be able choose the product(s) each creator will receive and more clearly specify the final deliverables 
  2. Set the mood - Creators are visual people. Our new template will help you set the stage, provide a style guide, and visually detail what you want and don’t want in your content
  3. Confirm deadline - You’ll still be able to select deliverable dates, enter compensation, and update T&C’s as necessary

As you build your brief, you will be prompted to add text alongside visuals to explain WHY you like or dislike the content, highlight do’s and don’ts, and capture easy-to-understand brief deliverables. When the creators go to upload content, they will be reminded of your do’s and don’ts - so consider this your final checklist! 

Watch the tutorial

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