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Create Ad-ready TikTok Content with Cohley

Generating enough TikTok content is hard. Really Hard.

Cohley makes it easy. Really Easy.

As TikTok’s Creative Development Partner, we have the tools to make TikTok Advertising work for your brand.

Use Cohley to rapidly generate, activate, and optimize user-generated TikTok content for your ads – all in one platform. Gain access to a faithful army of TikTok creators who are eagerly waiting to create branded TikToks for you.

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TikTok Taps Cohley for its Business Marketing Partner Program

As users have continued to flock to TikTok, so have advertisers. One of the biggest challenges that TikTok has faced has been helping its advertisers - and potential advertisers - generate TikTok-native content. That’s why they’ve asked Cohley to partner up for the ride. We specialize in helping brands generate content at scale via our marketplace of content creators, making the partnership a match made in heaven.

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Cohley has allowed us to prove out TikTok as a viable marketing channel. Our team was a bit hesitant at first to give up creative freedom in lieu of a hot new medium, but the results were amazing. We generated 50+ authentic UGC videos for TikTok from one campaign and have been able to easily activate the content in our TikTok ads manager from the Cohley integration.

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Generate Content 

Run a Cohley campaign to generate cost-effective assets for TikTok ads. Use the Cohley creative brief to ensure the assets are optimized for TikTok ad formats without losing creative control.


Activate on TikTok

Leverage Cohley's TikTok integration to send your content to TikTok Ads Manager with the click of a button and activate in the TikTok ads suite. 

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Measure Performance 

Measure the performance of your content through the TikTok integration so your brand can continue to gain insights and optimize your TikTok ad strategy.

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