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Cohley vs. Aspire for Content Generation

In this guide, we compare and contrast Cohley vs. Aspire so you can make the best choice for your brand. Learn more about these content creation tools now.
Tom Logan
May 17, 2023
June 26, 2024

Due to increased competition, a need for authenticity, and an explosion of new digital channels, brands need more content than ever before. To attract and retain customers, brands must deploy visual assets that engage their target audiences and drive sales.

Visual content exists in many forms, including user-generated content (UGC). And all content, regardless of its form, is proven to get results. In fact, UGC can increase conversion rates by up to 161%.

When it comes to creating content, there are many tools out there to choose from. In this guide, we'll compare and contrast Cohley vs. Aspire, two popular content generation platforms.

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The Benefits of Content Generation Platforms

A content generation platform allows marketers and ecommerce managers to generate and manage the content they need to drive sales and retain customers.

For example, content generation platforms can be used to source content creators who generate professional-level photos to support a new product launch. Or, brands can use these platforms to tap into everyday shoppers who provide honest and genuine product feedback via short-form videos or product reviews.

What Is Cohley?

Image shows the inside of the Cohley platform

Rating: 4.4/5.0 (G2)

Cohley provides brands with the tools necessary to easily collaborate with creators that can generate a diverse range of high-quality photos, short-form videos, and product reviews. Brands can then share these assets via their paid, organic, email, ecommerce, and social channels.

Key Features

  • Diverse, talented creators with a wide variety of skills
  • Streamlined creator sourcing
  • Advanced creator management workflows
  • Simplified feedback loops between brands and creators
  • Tech integrations with ecommerce, product review, UGC, DAM, and social tools
  • Powerful content storage, search, and sharing capabilities
  • Multiple creator payment options

What Is Aspire?

Image shows the inside of the Aspire platform

Source: Aspire

Rating: 4.6/5.0 (G2)

Aspire is an influencer marketing platform that allows a brand to scale and manage influencer relationships. The platform helps brands to find influencers, manage their campaigns, and create ads.

Key Features

  • Influencer discovery tools
  • Advanced creator management workflows
  • Affiliate link tracking
  • Multiple creator payment options
  • Social analytic tracking

Cohley vs. Aspire: Key Features Overview

 CohleyAspireContent Generation

  • Video, photo, and product review generation
  • Content belongs to the brand
  • Video and photo generation
  • Content rights are negotiated

Creator Sourcing

  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • UGC creators
  • Influencers
  • Everyday shoppers
  • Influencers

Creator Management

  • Product tracking
  • Contracts dynamically created across all creators
  • First-party data on creators and custom Cohley content portfolios
  • Payment automation
  • Product tracking
  • Contracts with each influencer
  • Links to influencer social accounts
  • Payment automation

Customer Support

  • All packages feature high-quality customer support
  • All packages feature customer support


  • Transparent, listed on website
  • Unlimited logins
  • Brands must contact sales team for pricing

Content Generation

Generating the right content for the right digital channel is essential for a brand's success. For example, you would never repurpose a professional video on TikTok or leverage a low-resolution asset on your homepage. Having the correct content generation strategy is essential for a brand's success.


Cohley allows you to generate a diverse range of assets, including a variety of video formats. Plus, you can create UGC and professional photos, as well as high-quality product reviews.

By leveraging first-party creator data, enhanced creator sourcing based on skillsets, and custom Cohley content portfolios, brands can easily identify the best creators for their campaigns.


Aspire allows you to work across a larger variety of influencers. These influencers have the ability to generate UGC photos and videos. However, they are incentivized to generate content that resonates with their social following, not the brand's guidelines.

In contrast to Cohley, Aspire does not allow you to generate product reviews.

Creator Sourcing

Finding the best creators for your campaigns can be a major time suck. This is where a content generation platform comes in, allowing you to carefully and quickly source creators to fit your needs.


The Cohley platform gives brands an inside look at each creator's data, skillsets, capabilities, and portfolios. This helps brands quickly source creators that can handle shot lists, model sourcing, and more. Brands can find creators with the ability to generate short-form videos with multiple hooks and beyond.

Plus, Cohley offers easy access to UGC photo and video creators, professional photographers, influencers, and everyday shoppers, in one place.


The Aspire content creation platform offers inbound and outbound sourcing. This means you can search for influencers yourself or allow influencers to come to your brand. You can search for creators based on criteria such as age, number of followers, location, and other demographics.

Creator Management

Being able to manage creators at scale is a must for any brand. A solid content generation platform will enable brands to personalize bulk actions across creators. It will also feature streamlined payment options and provide ecommerce integrations.


Cohley makes it easy for any brand to save time with bulk agreements that ensure you keep the rights to all content produced, forever. Full usage rights are already negotiated for you before you ever start working with a creator.

Using Cohley, brands can also chat with creators directly to provide feedback, ask additional sourcing questions, and more. Plus, with built-in integrations with ecommerce sites like Shopify, you can fully automate creator product shipping and payments.


Similar to Cohley, Aspire makes it easy for you to streamline product tracking and manage creator payments. However, there are some notable differences between the two platforms.

For example, when using Aspire, contracts with creators are negotiated on a creator-by-creator basis. This means you may not have full rights to the content your influencers develop. Another difference is that content vetting can only be done via an influencer's social account.

Customer Support

To ensure you make the most of your content generation platform, high-quality customer support is a must.


Cohley provides a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) across all packages. The CSM supports brands in using the platform and understanding the type of content they need for their campaigns. All of our CSMs have at least three years of experience.

A dedicated CSM not only helps you get up to speed on the platform but also provides proactive feedback and uncovers opportunities that allow you to accelerate brand growth.


Similarly to Cohley, Aspire also includes support and customer success on all packages. The platform also offers an online forum where you can search for answers directly from the Aspire team.


Both Cohley and Aspire offer three unique pricing packages to fit your brand's needs. Let's dive into the details.


Cohley offers transparent pricing based on the number of briefs a brand needs throughout the year. Most Cohley customers are using anywhere between 6-8 briefs to generate an unlimited number of visual assets.

With regards to product reviews, brands are typically generating 50 product reviews per product SKU.

  • Starter package: $18,000some text
    • Includes four briefs, unlimited creators, content rights in perpetuity, unlimited logins, DAM integrations, and more.
    • Includes a dedicated CSM to guide you through platform adoption and beyond.
  • Professional package: $24,000some text
    • Includes six briefs, 50 free product reviews, unlimited creators, content rights in perpetuity, unlimited logins, DAM integrations, and more.
    • Includes a dedicated senior CSM to guide you through platform adoption and beyond.
  • Managed services: Custom based on your specific needs.


Aspire currently offers three levels of pricing: Starter, Pro, and Premium. Each package includes a specific number of total collaborators, core integrations, branded creator content, and more.

Although they list their packages, Aspire doesn't disclose its pricing on its website. Interested brands will need to contact the sales team.

Cohley vs. Aspire: Which Platform Is Best for Your Brand?

If your goal is to work with influencers, Aspire offers a powerful tool to discover influencers, negotiate contracts, and measure social performance.

However, if your goal is to scale content across digital channels and drive revenue, Cohley is the only tool that allows you to tap into a diverse network of creators to generate everything from professional photos to short-form videos.

Create Content That Drives Growth With Cohley

Cohley enables brands to generate a diverse range of visual assets and product reviews for every social channel. We offer the most robust creator base, featuring creators that are sure to fit your brand's needs.

To learn more about how Cohley can help supercharge your brand, schedule a consultation with our team!

Tom Logan
Founder & CEO