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Creator Spotlight: 5 Male Accounts We Love

In the female-dominated influencer space, finding the right male content partnerships can feel ever so elusive. At Cohley, we have a great portfolio of strong male content creators and we've helped many male-focused or gender neutral brands recruit strong male applicants on campaigns where working with men was a specific priority.

Here are some Cohley content examples that have come from our 5 of our favorite Cohley men. Send a campaign invite to these guys to elevate your next content campaign! 

Parker York Smith - @parkeryorksmith

Parker is a men's blogger based out of California. Men's fashion is his forte and he engages with his followers by sharing fashion, lifestyle, and fitness tips. He has a multitude of brand partnerships under his belt and is a top content creator!


Robert Liberatore - @robert_lib

As a world traveler and photographer, Robert always has an impressive backdrop to showcase your products. With top notch content + a high engagement rate of over 10%, Robert is a valuable partner to have as part of your campaign.


David Rochez - @_davidrochez

David is a Honduran American fashion and lifestyle blogger. He may look familiar to you because he's the face of the Cohley homepage! He's known for his bright, cheerful images and going above and beyond in delivering quality content.


Jared Kinley - @jaredwkinley

Jared is a professional photographer and filmmaker with a highly engaged Instagram following. Whether photographing male or female subjects in both outdoor and urban environments, Jared's photos are always high quality and creatively executed.


Thomas Trust - @rustandtrust

Thomas is Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle blogger. His ability to capture both a great candid lifestyle shot and neatly styled flat lay makes him a versatile partner!