Cohley Product Update: April 2023

Check out what's new in the Cohley platform for the month of April.
Michelle Green
April 19, 2023
June 26, 2024

Improved Content Vetting

Content vetting has a new look and ease to it! I’m feeling inspired, and I can feel my bank account dwindling, as I look through the new completed tabs in each brief. On both the content to review, pending post (influencer briefs), and completed tab, all uploaded content by creator is conveniently showcased front and center. No longer will you need to open up a modal to view content, and then annoyingly have to close it to chat the creator. All content will be numbered and be viewable alongside the chat, so you can quickly follow up with questions or edit requests, referencing the specific asset by #, or simply approve! 

Upon accepting content, all assets will be available in our new content library. Photos and videos will be conveniently grouped by brief and product name, giving you an easy way to stay organized and find the perfect asset for your next campaign. Plus, with a quick glance, you'll be able to see exactly how many assets you have for each product in your catalog. It's a game-changer for content management!

Improved Content Library

Easily share individual or grouped assets with your team using our seamless integration options: email export, Google Drive, TikTok, or Yotpo UGC gallery. Sorting through assets has never been easier with our added filters for type, orientation, creator, and date. Filter text reviews by star rating, product name, or date and export to upload into ChatGPT for a quick analysis (my latest obsession!).

Improved Creator Vetting

Creator vetting just got a makeover! A new visual experience will reduce the time it’ll take for you to vet creators by highlighting their top work of photos and or videos. Heart creators over time so that they are always at the top of each brief. Keep notes so you remember what you like (or don’t like) about each creator. Quickly view past Cohley work and read reviews left from other brands. 

If you are running an influencer brief, the Instagram social profile is easily displayed so you can understand how your brand would fit into the creator’s overall aesthetic. If you want to quickly see what product work they have done in the past, click on their profile image to open their Cohley portfolio. Here you will see all of the work they have curated specifically for your review. Here is a visual walkthrough. 

We had a webinar April 6th where we invited everyone for a quick demo. Check it out here! 
In the session, we learned that 67% of you took more than 2 hours vetting applicants in your last brief. Whew! We all need a break after that! After today's tutorial, we predict that it will only take about 60 minutes - especially given 50% of you want to review each creator to ensure you get the best of the best!

Creator filtering also has 8 new inputs! You can now filter by video skills, rooms and backgrounds available for photoshoot, ethnicity, hair type, kids, pets, creator star rating, states in the US, age, and gender. Use these filters to quickly find creators that will have the best ability to connect with your customer demographic. Check out a live tutorial here. 


Make smarter choices faster with more data

As you and other brands mark a creator as complete in a visual assets or influencer brief, you will be asked to provide a review on each creator. With a simple one to five star review and a sentence or two, you can help each other find the best creators that match your needs. Cohley will use this data to continue to improve our ranking tools on which creators are the best match per brief type. 

As a reminder, reviews from other brands are easily accessible on the new applicants tab for each creator.

Michelle Green
Director of Product
Day to day Michelle is a bug finder, feature requester, business owner, and sales leader answering the question "how can we disrupt and grow revenue faster?" Michelle focuses on creating products and systems that can scale with easy-to-use functionality, automated reporting, and results that speak for themselves.