Cohley Product Update: October 2023

Check out what's new in the Cohley platform for the month of October.
Michelle Green
October 19, 2023
June 26, 2024


TikTok joins the Influencer options

The announcement we have all been waiting for....TikTok Creator data, including follower count, average views, trending engagement rate, and audience data, is now available in the Cohley platform!

For all active and future Influencer briefs on the TikTok platform, Creators will now be required to authorize TikTok before applying. Once in the brief, applicants’ Social Profile and Social Metrics will pull from TikTok and include:

  1. Gender breakdown
  2. Country breakdown
  3. Age groups as 18- 24, 25-34, and 35+

 Don't judge me for my low follower count...this is just an example! 

Screen Shot 2023-10-26 at 8.34.57 AM

We will spend the next few weeks adding additional features to this flow:

  • Creator Criteria based on the Creator’s follower count or engagement rate minimum or maximum
  • Posting via a TikTok Invite URL in the TikTok Creator Marketplace, automatically marking the video as a Partnership and giving you access to the Spark Code
  • Performance metrics will include a breakdown of each post and include Earned Media Value (EMV) and Engagement Rate based on comments, likes, and sends per the Creator’s follower count.
  • Overall metrics across Influencer Partnership briefs will pull from both Instagram and TikTok. 

In the meantime, enjoy filtering briefs (both Instagram and TikTok) by the Creator's social metrics:

custom filters

Going forward, Influencer briefs on TikTok will require TikTok authorization by Creators and include their social metrics for the platform so that you can pay by tiered follower count. Setup will be the same as it was, but the platform Cohley pulls the follower count from will be reflected. 


New Recommended Creators

Finn has started auto-recommending Creators! While Finn will learn as you accept Creators over the next few months, we want to know if you like who is recommended. As a reminder, your sort defaults to the following per brief:

  1. Maybe Creators
  2. Hearted Creators
  3. Recommended Creators
  4. Everyone else

Additional sort options include:

  1. Application date (Newest to Oldest/ Oldest to Newest)
  2. Briefs completed: (Most to fewest/ fewest to most)
  3. Recent chat: Most recent chat (Newest to Oldest/ Oldest to Newest)
  4. Star rating (high to low / low to high)

In addition to our new sort options, we now have new FILTER options that allow you to combine many variations from a Creator’s profile. New additions include:

  1. Not hearted
  2. Not worked with previously
  3. Recommended or Not recommended
  4. Links in a profile (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Portfolio)

Click here for a quick video tutorial. 

And for any brief in the Past stage, you can quickly scan your list of past briefs and see the count of Completed Creators per brief.

Social has graduated from Beta!

If you’re new to the page, take a look around and give us a shout if you have any questions! We’ve officially given everyone access and load a 6 month look-back window upon page load for /social. Two years of data will be available at all times. Reviews have transitioned over as well. 

Recently added features include an excel report with a per brief summary so you can start analyzing and making additional charts for your fancy powerpoint presentations and the ability to click the thumbnail for each individual post to open the link to Instagram! 👏 


Improved FAQs

Have you checked out the new Help articles from Cohley? New product videos and FAQs can be found via the FAQ or Help buttons within the platform. 

Michelle Green
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