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Building Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

Thinking about TikTok Marketing but not sure where to start? We cover the basics to get you started and offer some hints to get ramped up with TikTok. Read on!
Parker Dietz
September 22, 2022
April 11, 2024

Why use TikTok for marketing?

Filled with an endless stream of user-uploaded video content and an ever-growing, quotable sound library, TikTok has completely redefined this generation's use of social media - and perhaps use of time.

The app is the fastest growing social media platform in the world with more than 1 billion monthly active users, with 49% of users reporting that they buy from brands they see on the app. With major visibility, it's no question that brands have been utilizing TikTok marketing as a way to grow their company.

If you're not already using the hottest new social media app out there for your marketing strategy, you may be missing out, especially if you have a message that you want to get out to as many users as possible in a cost-effective way. Keep reading for how you can incorporate TikTok into your next marketing strategy.

Who uses TikTok and what are they looking for?

Even if you've never downloaded the app, chances are you've seen a TikTok video just by scrolling through Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, or even online news sources. Since it's rise to fame, TikTok has featured a variety of content topics that the app tailors specifically to the user's interests - and that's more than just Charli D'Amelio dancing videos.

While Generation Z makes up arguably the majority of regular users on TikTok, people of all ages have been making an appearance on the app. 67.5% of users are 20 years old or older, with more females than males. You can find anything from influencers to everyday people, top-rated brands to small businesses, and start-ups to major corporations.

Formerly known as, the app is most famous for its diverse soundboard which features sounds uploaded by artists or TikTok users that other creators can reuse on their own videos. Essentially, it's the audio paired with relatability of the video that people are looking for.

How to build your TikTok Strategy

Now that you know a little more about TikTok marketing, you may be wondering how to get started on building a TikTok strategy.

The key to promoting your brand on TikTok is to know your audience and be able to generate content that's authentic and real rather than being traditionally "ad focused". Here are a few tips to get your brand started:

Get familiar with TikTok

Getting familiar with the app's layout and understanding how users interact to videos is the best way to get started in promoting your brand. The app's vertical scrolling format features looped, short videos that can keep one scrolling for hours. While this can be great for visibility, the shortened time frame and endless stream of content makes how you market your media so important. TikToks require an attention-grabbing opener. Think hook, line, and sinker.

This "hook" should get people to stick around and keep watching throughout the duration of your video. It can be a flashy or aesthetic visual, or even a trending audio.

You can also utilize features such as hashtags, comments, stitched videos, or duetting videos to interact with your audience and incorporate UGC marketing tactics into your strategy.

Set goals and objectives

Set your brand up for success by measuring your progress. Setting goals and objectives can help you get a grasp on what you want to get out of marketing on TikTok. It'll give you a direction to go in terms of what type of content you want to produce, how often you want to post, and the audiences you aim to reach. Here at Cohley, we're eager to help get you the results you deserve - reach out to a team member for help setting goals for your marketing strategy today!

Post regularly

Keep up with your users and post frequently in order to stay active. TikTok users are more likely to follow a brand that is consistent in their content and are active among their own page as well as commenting on other user's videos.

For example, if a user mentions your brand a TikTok they posted, commenting on their video can bring more visibility to your page. It's important as a brand on TikTok to show interest in their audience by actively responding, rather than being just another ad to scroll through.

Embrace Flicker, Flash, Flare

TikTok recommends its own Flicker, Flash, and Flare model for approaching successful content marketing strategies. This model entails:

  • Flicker: reactive content, which incorporates participating in trends and frequently posted trending content.
  • Flash: proactive content, which encompasses planned, episodic content produced consistently.
  • Flare: interactive content, which includes large scale campaign initiatives about 1-3 times per year such as branded hashtags and challenges.

Engage with content creators to enable UGC

Engaging or collaborating with TikTok content creators is a great way to incorporate some user generated content (UGC) into your marketing strategy. By collaborating with existing users, your visibility will soar and has the potential to reach an audience beyond your typical scope. Get in touch with the Cohley team today to learn more about how we can help you connect with first-class creators to produce content you love.

Start promoting with Ads

Once you've got a plan of action, it's time for your ads to go live. Make sure you're well equipped with all the foolproof tips for succeeding with TikTok ads.

If you're looking for a bit of inspiration to get started, check out these examples of brands doing awesome TikTok work at the end of this article!

Track your progress

On average, the organic reach rate on TikTok is 118%. That's at least 21 times more reach than on Facebook or Instagram. With an incredible value for brands, you'll be able to track how your brand is doing on TikTok compared to other social media apps.

How Cohley can help

TikTok has announced the launch of its Business Marketing Partner Program with nearly 20 strategic partners including Cohley. We're excited to help build new opportunities and find scaled success for your brand on TikTok - just give us a shout!

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