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3 Content Recommendations for Marketing During a Global Pandemic

As the global pandemic continues to unfold, we at Cohley have been closely following marketing reactions and trends. We’re learning about real-time reactions from our clients, monitoring industry statistics, and have been gathering insights to provide educated content and influencer marketing recommendations as it relates to content and influencers.

When 30-40% of marketing budgets are allocated for event sponsorship, travel, and collateral, brands are quickly redistributing these budgets to digital and influencers. And with a 20%+ rise in global web traffic, capitalizing on digital content should be a major part of your current marketing strategy. We’ve put together three recommendations for pivoting your content marketing and influencer strategy below.

1) Re-evaluate your marketing messaging and CTAs

Being hyper-sensitive with your marketing messaging is extremely crucial right now. Re-evaluate your ad CTAs to ensure they’re relevant and not insensitive for the times and don’t forget to pause any evergreen ads that may be offensive or no longer relevant with the current state of the world. For example, any in-store or travel messaging will no longer fly.


  • Leverage the spike in e-commerce sales and traffic to push for online orders.

  • Avoid CTAs related to going in-store, social gatherings, traveling, or leaving the home in general.

  • Incorporate brand awareness ads that don’t neccessarily have a conversion-related CTA. Brand awareness ads with positive messaging can not only help with customer loyalty and brand affinity but can also build up a re-targeting audience for conversion-optimized ads further down the marketing funnel.

2) Leverage Influencers to maximize your social voice

At a time when social activity is at an all time high, leveraging social media influencers can be extra lucrative and strategic right now. In fact, influencers report that post on Instagram and Facebook are up +36% for engagements and impressions and 75% of influencers say they’ve stayed the same or increased their social activity since the COVID-19 outbreak. Influencers can elevate your brand, shedding light on how your brand or product is still relevant in times of social distancing.


  • Avoid any direct references to Coronavirus or COVID-19 within sponsored content to reduce the spread of inaccurate information or policy-related opinions. Influencers shouldn't claim to be health experts if they’re not and you don't want their personal opinions to reflect your brand.

  • Influencers can organically show how your product or brand fit into the new social distancing lifestyle. Give them the creative freedom to do so.

  • Make it easier on influencers by shipping product or sending e-gift card instead of expecting them to pick up items in-store. Cohley’s Shopify integration allows you to automate the product shipment process to influencers so that you can process orders via Shopify from your couch instead of going to the office to pack up product.

3) Continue generating tons of content, even while working from home

Your product shoots might be cancelled, but outsourced content creators have the ability to deliver cost-efficient, yet high-quality content while still giving your brand creative control. Your customers are consuming more digital content than ever and it’s crucial to have a constant flow of diverse creative assets to meet the demand and capture these impressions. (If you don’t believe us, take it from Gary V.)


  • Leverage Cohley’s Photography Campaigns to generate branded professional photography without releasing creative control . You’ll partner with professional, vetted photographers who can deliver on very specific creative requirements.

  • Run a Cohley Influencer Campaign to get access to thousands of creators who can create authentic UGC incorporating your brand. Think boomerangs, video testimonials, UGC photos, etc.

  • Generate authentic text reviews from real users of your product through a Cohley Product Review Campaign.