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Content Marketing Strategy for SaaS: Promoting & Measuring Content Success

Wondering how to measure content marketing success? In this guide, we give you tips for promoting your content and measuring its progress. Learn more today!
Parker Dietz
March 20, 2023
April 11, 2024

Hooray! You've created awesome content optimized to get your target audience hooked. Take a moment to give yourself a nice pat on the back.

Not to ruin the moment, but your journey isn't quite over. You still have to promote your content to ensure it reaches as many members of your target audience as possible. You must also measure and track your published content's success to optimize future campaigns.

Don’t have any idea how to promote content or measure content marketing? All the insights you need are right here in this guide.

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Content Marketing Strategy for SaaS: Promoting & Measuring Content Success is the final part of a series all about content strategy for SaaS. Check out Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 now!

The Importance of Promoting & Measuring Content

A content creation strategy is incomplete if it does not include content promotion. Why? Simply posting content does not guarantee your target audience will see it. You must promote it to ensure the content reaches as many members of your target audience as possible.

For example, posting content on your website and then sharing it via social media opens the door to more views. However, if you just post on your website and fail to share, you're limited to those who find you organically or those who visit frequently.

Regardless of if your content marketing goal is more brand awareness or traffic, the more views your content gets, the better your return on investment.

Also, check any compilation of content creation tips, and you will find content testing and measuring. Marketers measure content marketing to see how well content is performing and achieving the goals they made it to accomplish.

Without content performance measurement, you won’t know if your content is on track to deliver a return on your investment.

Another important reason SaaS companies measure content performance is to identify underperforming and well-performing content. You can use the insights you uncover to improve less-than-perfect content and optimize the future content assets you create.

How to Promote Content: 5 Simple Methods

Promoting content involves boosting the visibility of published content to ensure more people see it. Several options are available if you're looking into how to promote content, and each method has its advantages.

#1. Share Your Content on Social Media

The top social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) each have over a billion daily users. Promoting your content on these social media platforms will increase its reach, ensuring more people see and engage with it.

For example, you can create an engaging TikTok video with a link to your website content. Adding a popular hashtag to the TikTok post will push it to reach more people. You can then boost the content even further by running a TikTok ad campaign.

However, your social media promotion tactic won't yield the results you're looking for if you don't post engaging content.O Often, the most engaging and effective social media content is entertaining or informative visual content. This type of content includes images and videos.

At Cohley, we simplify acquiring high-quality video and photo content for brand promotion and other marketing goals. How? We connect SaaS companies like yours with vetted creators who provide them with tailor-made user-generated content (UGC).

#2. Promote Your Content via Email

Over four billion people currently use email, and 99% of email users check their inboxes daily. These numbers prove that email is an excellent channel for reaching a significant percentage of your target audience.

Each time you post new content, notify your target audience via email updates, such as newsletters. Leveraging email to promote your content ensures that every piece of content you publish has an audience waiting to enjoy it.

SaaS companies can get user emails for content marketing campaigns from their customer database. Alternatively, use these tactics to get the emails of target audience members who are not in your database (yet):

  1. Create a lead magnet: Create an e-book, whitepaper, or a free product trial and let people access it after providing their email addresses.
  2. Use social media: Engage your target audience via their preferred social platform and encourage them to sign up for your email list.
  3. Offer exclusive deals or promotions: Inform your target audience that joining your email list will give them exclusive access to your best deals and other promotional offers.

If you want an effective way to promote your content with email, use Cohley's integration with Klaviyo. Our Klaviyo integration can help you optimize your email outreach by revealing the best visual assets for engaging and converting viewers.

#3. Use Social Ads

Organically promoting your content on social media is effective, but you can get faster results with social ads. These ads involve paying social media platforms to show your content to specific audiences.

With your target audience data, you can tailor social ads to target only people most likely to convert, leading to maximum return on investment.

Failure to accurately target your social ads will lead to the platform showing your content to the wrong people, which will result in wasted ad spending.

#4. Tap Into Influencers

Influencers are social media users with a significant following. These users create content that influences their followers to buy specific products.

Depending on your arrangement, an influencer can help you create content and promote that content for a specific period. For example, the influencer can promote the content on Instagram or multiple social media channels. The strategy ensures that the influencer’s followers and fans learn about your product or brand and consider trying it.

Another option is to use content creators instead of influencers. Content creators develop professional content such as videos, photos, and product reviews on your behalf (psst...Cohley can help by eliminating the guesswork and giving you access to tried and tested creators).

#5. Optimize Your Content for Search

Another popular tactic for promoting content is search engine optimization (SEO). This tactic involves optimizing content to appear on the first page of relevant Google searches. Successfully executing SEO will ensure that the millions of people who use Google daily to search for content like yours will have no trouble finding it.

An effective SEO tip for optimizing visual content for search is using keywords. These key terms are the search terms your target audience uses to find the topic covered by your content.

You can find these search terms through keyword research. After identifying relevant keywords, insert them into video titles, descriptions, image alt tags, and hashtags.

How to Measure Content Marketing Progress

As we’ve mentioned, if you do not measure content marketing, you won’t know if your content is reaching the right people and fulfilling your goals. Here’s how to measure SaaS content marketing to track its reach and effectiveness.

KPIs for Content Marketing

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable measurements for tracking a company’s performance and progress toward achieving specified goals.

The first step of any content strategy should be clearly defining your content marketing goals and objectives. Once you have clearly defined goals, you can identify the right KPIs for measuring your performance against those goals.

Popular content marketing KPIs used by SaaS businesses include:

  • Traffic: Companies looking to grow their brand visibility, reach, and customer base use this metric. It measures how many people visit a website in a day. Businesses typically split traffic measurements into repeat visitors and new traffic (first-time visitors).
  • Conversion rate: Marketers use conversion rate to identify the percentage of viewers converting by taking a brand’s desired actions. The desired action may be to call, purchase, subscribe, click a link, fill out a form, sign up for a free trial, or simply like your post. You want the highest possible conversion rate because it means your content is fulfilling its purpose.
  • Engagement rate: This KPI reveals how well viewers engage with your content. Viewers typically engage with content by viewing it to the end or interacting with it by sharing, liking, or commenting.
  • New leads: This metric reveals the number of new leads generated by your content marketing campaign. Measuring this KPI is crucial if your content marketing goal is to grow your sales and revenue.

While several other content marketing KPIs are available, remember you only need to track KPIs relevant to your content marketing goals. Tracking unneeded KPIs will provide irrelevant insights that won’t help your content marketing strategy.

Tools for Content Marketing Measurement

Several tools are available that SaaS companies can use for collecting and analyzing relevant data to measure content marketing. Examples of such tools include Google Analytics and Ahrefs.

You can use Google Analytics to measure KPIs like unique website visitors and bounce rates. You can also view traffic channels, which reveal the key sources of your website traffic. Google Analytics is a great way to track conversions to see how well your content drives viewers to take your desired actions.

With Ahrefs, you can measure various other KPIs, such as social media shares to see your content’s reach and level of engagement. You can also track keyword ranking to understand how well your content performs in search engine results.

Another valuable KPI that Ahrefs tracks are brand mentions, which helps measure brand awareness by revealing places people have mentioned your brand across the web.

Updating & Improving Content Strategy

When you measure content marketing, you don’t just gain insights into the performance of your content marketing efforts—you also discover aspects of your content strategy you can improve to get better results.

For example, imagine your content marketing metrics reveal that one piece of content gets a lot of traffic and engagement while another does not.

You can improve the underperforming content by tweaking it to have the working elements of your better-performing pieces. Making such improvements will help ensure that all of your content delivers great results.

Reach SaaS Content Marketing Success With Cohley

Your content may not reach as much of your target audience as it should if you skip content promotion. Also, without content measurement, you'll have trouble identifying which content needs improvement to bring you closer to your marketing goals.

However, before you can promote or measure content, you must have content to publish. Let Cohley simplify the content creation process by connecting you with professional visual content creators.

These creators provide SaaS businesses in various niches with high-quality, user-generated content such as videos and photos. Learn more about how Cohley can help you create effective content today by scheduling a consultation.

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