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Cohley Campaign Spotlight : Playology Pets


Playology knows that dogs experience the world through scent. So, they embedded the all-natural scents that dogs love in each toy.  As the dog chews the toy, those tiny scent particles are released for their olfactory enjoyment, but barely enough for humans to smell. The scents are  100% natural so dogs will get to engage with the joy of the scent, with no chemicals or unwanted calories.

With this campaign, Playology Pets was looking to supplement their product launch with images to support their website, email marketing, and social. They wanted to work with creators who had dogs of different breeds and ages who could shoot live-action content of their pets playing with Playology’s toys. By working with 21 Cohley Influencers and their furry friends, Playology Pets was able to generate 265 high-quality assets at less than $13 per image. This campaign saved Playology Pets $13,825 all while creating a diverse content library full of fun and unique images.

  • Campaign Requirement: 5+ Photos

  • Total Accepted Cohley Creators: 21

  • Total Accepted Assets: 265

  • Total Cost: $2,100

  • Total Savings: $13,825