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The Challenge

As entrepreneurial hustlers, the husband and wife team of Sachin and Tulsi launched Any Baby in 2019 to bring quality, transparency and expert design to the forefront of baby clothing and on-the-go lifestyles. Sachin and Tulsi were dedicated to growing the Any Baby business with their Smartsie product launch and they knew that scaling the right content and driving brand awareness for their new product was a crucial part of a successful launch and continued growth. However, as a small two person team still working their full time jobs outside of Any Baby, the couple didn’t have the bandwidth or budget dedicated to in-house management of their content and influencer efforts. The biggest growth initiatives they needed help with were:

  • CONTENT GENERATION: Filling their Shopify store with professional photography, UGC photo and video with diverse babies and parents

  • INFLUENCER PARTNERSHIPS: Generating brand awareness and impressions, targeting mothers specifically

  • AD PERFORMANCE: Testing digital ads and optimizing them with high-performing content

The Solution


By running a Cohley Photography Campaign and a Cohley Influencer Campaign, Any Baby was able to work with various families all over the country to generate assets that garnered content diversity in locations, backgrounds, and models. With the Photography Campaign, Any Baby was able to work with professional photographers in generating high quality assets based on very specific creative requirements. With the Influencer Campaign, Any Baby focused on generating UGC, showing how real moms and babies were using the Smartsie in an authentic way. As with all Cohley campaigns, Any Baby gained the licensed rights to all assets in perpetuity.


By launching a Cohley Influencer Campaign, Any Baby worked with 13 mommy influencers across the country with highly engaged followers to spread the word about their launch and build trust within the mommy community about their Smartsie's.


Any Baby leveraged the Cohley analytics suite to hone in on the top performing content from their influencer campaign results and repurposed the video asset in social ads on Facebook and Instagram. The video was not only informative in talking about product benefits, but showed the product in action being used by a real customer in an authentic way. See the ad here!

Sachin Bhargava
Founder and COO @ Any Baby

“For a brand to scale early with a small budget and high quality content standards, it would have taken so much time, energy and money that we didn’t have. With Cohley we’ve been able to easily outsource all of our content efforts and work with families all over the country to help us launch our brand.”

The Results


From just running two campaigns, Any Baby generated 150+ photos and 35+ videos with a cost per asset of $24.74. The visual assets were used as banner photos & videos on the homepage as well as product photography on the product detail page. Based on quotes from full editorial/video studios, Any Baby saved $12,000 and was able to source much more diversity in models and locations than what could have been done with a creative studio.


By partnering with mommy influencers, Any Baby drove over 46K impressions with a 15.43% engagement rate across all influencer posts. Because Cohley also pre-negotiates rights to all influencer assets, Any Baby was also able to repurpose the content within their website and ad creative without worrying about content rights.


This ad,repurposed from an influencer post, has proven to be among Any Baby’s top performing ads, reducing CPA by 50% and multiplying their growth in orders. Cohley will continue to facilitate the testing process, arming Any Baby with a constant flow of new assets to test and performance metrics to report on top performing creative.


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