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The Challenge

A content-focused brand from the start, Cheers knew that a constant flow of user-generated photos and video testimonials were crucial to ad performance and sales. Because Cheers was originally featured on ABC’s Shark Tank as Thrive+, the alcohol health company knew it had some work to do when it decided to re-brand its packaging and change its name to Cheers.

 Amidst the different stages of the re-branding process, Cheers didn’t want to lose momentum in sales. They needed a constant flow of photos and videos to use in ads throughout the re-branding process, even though the packaging was going to be completely different in a couple of months. However, their in-house creative team didn’t have the resources to generate the volume and diversity of content they needed.

The Solution

Cheers simultaneously ran two Cohley Campaigns every month to generate product photography and user video testimonials to repurpose in social ads and other marketing channels. They leveraged their Cohley Content Library to download rights-approved video and photo files. Each photo campaign generated an average of 100 assets and each video testimonial campaign generated an average of 13 assets. The quality photography paired with authentic UGC video product reviewed proved invaluable to the brand’s continued growth during the rebranding stage.

Now, Cheers leverages Professional Photographers and influencers to generate a strong mix of professional photos, UGC, and video testimonials to repurpose across all marketing channels.

See here and here for examples of how Cheers repurposed Cohley-generated video testimonials in social ads. 

Brooks Powell

“Before Cohley, our team was having to reach to spend a lot of unnecessary time on emails and administrative work to recruit models and photographers and plan logistically for in-house photo shoots. With the volume of content we needed for the re-branding, it would have been impossible to keep up. With Cohley, we’re able to scale content generation at a fraction of the cost and the content creators come to us!”

The Results

Running content campaigns on Cohley ensured that Cheers had a constant supply of ad content, even during a time-consuming rebranding process that required quick content turnarounds with new packaging releases. The depth and breadth of content garnered would not have been possible nor nearly as cost-effective without the Cohley campaigns. Cheers generated content at an incredible rate of $0.31 per asset.

See here and here for examples of how Cheers repurposed Cohley-generated video testimonials in social ads.

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