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The Challenge

Wink Frozen Desserts (Wink), founded in 2011, is the first super low-calorie frozen dessert that's 100% vegan and free of sugar, gluten, nuts, soy, dairy and eggs. Their mission is to provide a healthy alternative to America's number one treat! In order to spread the ice cream love, Wink needed a ton of diverse content to use in their ads and across their social channels. They also aimed to bolster brand awareness by scaling their ongoing influencer efforts.

The Solution

In order to generate a vast, diverse pool of authentic digital assets, Wink leveraged Cohley’s platform to generate more than 5 unique pieces of content per accepted creator. To simultaneously fulfill their goal of increased brand awareness across social, they requested one permanent Instagram post from each creator as well. By strategically scheduling their campaigns, Wink was able to guarantee that they would receive new user generated content on a monthly basis, ensuring a constant influx of fresh content. 

With an average of 20 different creators in each campaign, Wink was able to generate over 500 pieces of actionable user generated content. With the added Instagram post element, they were able to achieve over 3.3 million impressions across all of their influencer posts. Wink was able to use Cohley generated content in their ads to reach over 3.7 million people, resulting in over $67k in revenue. 

Gabriel Wolff
Wink Frozen Desserts

"Since working with Cohley, the quality of content on our social has leaped exponentially. We absolutely love that we’re able to measure the lift over our previously run content. It has been a game changer for us."

The Results

By running consecutive campaigns with the goal of both scaling content generation and boosting brand awareness, Wink efficiently produced a diverse library of unique, authentic content used to run high-performing ads on Instagram and Facebook.

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